110. Making Sense Of Core Function & Its Integration In The Kinetic Chain

core function and kinetic chain

110. Making Sense Of Core Function & Its Integration In The Kinetic Chain

This episode is all about the importance of core function. In this episode, Andrew will give you a refreshment of anatomical knowledge and the ways that everything works together. Most of us know that core strength is important, and this episode will unveil so much detail on why that is. Andrew provides not just the reasons why we should focus on having adequate core strength, but the ways our core helps to support both our upper and lower extremities.

We know so much more today than we did even ten years ago about the mechanical function of the spine. Andrew goes into this detail here and how we can uncover the things that might be holding us back when it comes to core strengthening basics. He also provides some basic tips on core strength, which are centered around stability, movement control, and having a good base for generating movement through the extremities.

Listen in on this episode to catch all these important details and start thinking about how to further train your core for better movement, strength, and power production. Take a deep dive into how the core is connected to everything and what can happen if the core is weak. This episode contains highly important and useful information for everyone. Enjoy!

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