168. Leslie Wright On Bodywork, Recovery, & Fascial Stretch Therapy

168. Leslie Wright On Bodywork, Recovery, & Fascial Stretch Therapy

Leslie Wright, the founder of The Wright Stretch and Fascial Stretch Therapy practitioner, joins us for this episode of the podcast! She is originally from Wyoming, growing up in the country on her family farm. Ever since she can remember, she was gravitated toward science and helping people in any way that she could. This eventually evolved into helping people through the form of bodywork and massage.

Leslie eventually went to massage school and started on her career path to help people take care of their body. Soon after she graduated, she connected with her Aunty, Ann Frederick, the co-founder of Fascial Stretch Therapy. This led to her working in Ann & Chris Frederick’s clinic as they continued to improve the techniques of Fascial Stretch Therapy. During this time, she has gained invaluable knowledge and experience from both Ann & Chris, while also helping to assist with Fascial Stretch Therapy workshops and certification courses in the early years.

She eventually founded her own business, working on many athletes and clients in the Seattle area. At the beginning of 2020, she made her move to Hawaii and continued to help people take care of their body. The pandemic pushed her to continue to evolve and grow as a practitioner. She began incorporating MELT method techniques to further teach people how to work on mobility by themselves. Listen in to all the great information that Leslie shares about Fascial Stretch Therapy concepts and how she empowers people to take care of their body. Also, be sure to check out her website for more information and the services she offers. Listen in and enjoy this episode!

Website: https://www.thewrightstretch.com/

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