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I have been around sports and athletes for as long as I can remember

If I were to pinpoint the most important thing the athletic world has taught me, it would be how multidimensional resources increase the likelihood of success.

The reason I chose this line of work is not only that I’m passionate about sports and fitness, but also because I have a desire to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their optimal performance.

On the flip side of the coin.

I’ve witnessed how the right blend of resources, information, consistency of habits, and hard work can improve the quality of life and performance of virtually anyone – even in the most difficult and complex situations.

Trust me, I know from personal experience how hard it is to overcome physical limitations!

Growing up, I was not a gifted athlete. Being undersized compared to most successful athletes, I had to make up for it by training smarter, developing sharper techniques, and working extra hard to succeed.

Without a doubt, those experiences are the catalyst for my lifelong personal mission and career focus—to help active individuals prevent injury and tackle their root problems through rehabilitation, so they can focus entirely on optimizing physical capacity and ultimately reach their full athletic potential.

From my client focused perspective, this means considering all aspects that influence each individual’s capacity to sustain optimal performance:

holistic health, consistent nutrition habits, efficient movement patterns, functional strength and conditioning, and a lifestyle that brings out the best in you.

Because I firmly believe each individual case is unique, I perform a client assessment and analysis from a panoramic perspective and create a comprehensive plan to deal with all concerns at a foundational level.

As a certified athletic trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, rehabilitation practitioner, and sports nutritionist, I am able to offer a unique combination of skills to deal with a plethora of challenges that impede human performance.

In addition to my extensive background as an athletic trainer, I have spent a large portion of my career directing an orthopedic rehabilitation and performance training facility where I have helped people of all ages and activity levels, overcome a wide range of orthopedic injuries.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with a broad spectrum of both recreational and professional level athletes. With a diverse clientele that runs the gamut from avid fitness enthusiasts to world class NFL players and MMA fighters, I’ve had ample opportunity to hone my multifaceted ability to successfully treat a wide range of unique orthopedic and sports injuries.

Thanks to my diverse work experience and training, I am able to provide a comprehensive multifaceted plan that integrates sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and nutrition strategies for each individual to reach optimal performance.

Whether you are a beginner or high-level athlete with a pressing timeline – I am here to help you take better care of your body, address the underlying cause of pain, and restore fundamental movements so that you live the life you desire.

I believe it is essential to always maintain a high level of academic growth to excel in my profession, which is why I am passionate about elevating my knowledge in athletic training, strength, and conditioning, and sports nutrition through pursuing my PhD in biomechanics and continuing education programs, seminars, and certifications.

My passion is to share the most up to date, effective strategies that contribute to the field of human performance. This is about improving the quality of people’s lives. This is the HNL Movement.

You are able to lead a full and active lifestyle that matches who you are and what you want, without frustrating movement and health limitations. My comprehensive training and nutrition approach will get you started you on the road to a more complete and fulfilling life, today.

You could be on the road to optimal living right now.

Your capabilities surpass your limitations.

Let's reach your goals together.

Professional Degrees and Certifications

Certified Athletic Trainer

(Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer, Professional Member of the National Athletic Trainer's Association)

PhD in Biomechanics

(In Progress)

Master of Science in Athletic Training

(University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

(National Strength and Conditioning Association)

IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition

(International Olympic Committee)

Performance Enhancement Specialist

(National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2

(Precision Nutrition)

Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 & 2

(Functional Movement Systems)

Functional Movement Screen Level 1

(Functional Movement Systems)

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