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099 Understanding Goals Are Complex: Step-By-Step ...

With the new year approaching, this episode is all about goal setting and how we can effectively ach...

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098 The Holiday Season Is The Best Time To Learn A...

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What Others Are Saying

"Andrew Takata is one of the few Certified Athletic Trainers in the State of Hawaii with a diverse background. He has worked in settings at the collegiate (University of Hawaii at Manoa), professional (Detroit Lions), and now private sector honing his athletic training skills. As the former Head Athletic Trainer for the University of Hawaii Athletics program, Andrew’s rehabilitation skills and techniques were offered to our athletes to strengthen their musculature, increase stamina/performance, gain confidence both physically and mentally, and accelerate healing of their injuries and their return to play within parameters prescribed by medical professionals. He utilizes “cutting edge” treatment/rehabilitation techniques and modalities blended with nutritional recommendations to prepare his patients to return successfully to work, play or daily living. Andrew is a good listener and his primary goal is the health and wellbeing of his patients!"

Eric Okasaki Retired Head Athletic Trainer, University of Hawaii at Manoa

"I have been working with Andrew for 7 years now. He is the only guy I go to that I can trust that will get me the results I need. Whether it’s rehabbing injuries, correcting body mechanics or improving overall athletic ability, Andrew is my guy. Every time I go in for a workout, it is a first-class operation. We get to work and we get the job done every time. Throughout the season, if anything comes up, I always call Andrew and ask for his opinion. He is the only guy I trust that will lead me in the right direction every time. I am forever grateful for my bro."

Manti Te'o NFL Linebacker

"Andrew's dedication to providing the best experience for his patients is unparalleled. From the education he provides to the technology he employs - it is clear that Andrew's priority begins and ends with his clients' outcomes. While the field of physical therapy as a whole tends to be outdated in their tools and methods, people like Andrew help to push the industry into the next frontier - utilizing practical technology to create meaningful data and optimize outcomes."

Phil Wagner, MD Founder and CEO, Sparta Science

"I have worked with Andrew Takata (Certified Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist) over the past 5 years and have seen steady growth in his knowledge of exercise science. Andrew is highly motivated and is constantly working towards learning new skills and techniques. By doing so, he is able to produce a comprehensive exercise program specifically tailored to fit the needs and fitness level of each client. I am impressed by Andrew's ability to learn new information, and then incorporate it into a successful regiment. He has worked with professional athletes of various disciplines (MMA, football, golf, basketball, baseball, and volleyball), high school athletes, as well as weekend warriors, and people who just want to get in shape. Andrew is organized and personable. He uses his ability to identify client's needs, helps them to set goals, and assesses their progress in order to maximize outcomes. Andrew recently received a certification in sports nutrition and has added this to his curriculum. If you are looking for a comprehensive exercise program tailored specifically for your fitness level, Andrew is the person to see. "

Curt Watanabe Owner, Star Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist, Performance Rehab Ortho

"It wasn't until Andrew took over my achilles rehab program and care, where I started to see a change and lift in my spirits. He saved me, point blank. From my doubts, from my lack of motivation, from my fears, and ultimately from myself. It speaks volumes when someone invests in the life of another. When they recognize and care too much to watch someone stay in their brokenness. Andrew was my guide, my encourager, and eventually my mentor not only in my journey as an athlete, but also in life. His influence led me to pursue a career in physical therapy in hopes to provide the same care and investment to those who are in the same boat as I once was. A big part of who I am professionally and personally is because of him. I have been fortunate to have been on the receiving end of his knowledge in nutrition, functional movement, therapy, and performance enhancement. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been a recipient of such grace, care, and aloha. For as iron sharpen, so does one man sharpen another."

Kristina K. Client and Physical Therapy Candidate

"I worked with Andrew at Performance Rehab Ortho (PRO) for nearly 8 months. I arrived at PRO about 4 months post ACL reconstruction surgery in pretty bad shape. My recovery was far behind where it should have been at that point, and I was still dealing with lots of pain, swelling and reduced range of motion. Andrew was able to identify weak points in my recovery training immediately and we got to work. I began to improve and get my recovery back on track in the next few months. The absolute best parts of working with Andrew is that he does not just go through the motions of coaching - he explains how and (more importantly) why I was doing the exercises he prescribed. He also did NOT let me cheat any movements EVER (to my disappointment in the moment), which I am very thankful for now. As with any progress, my recovery was not linear and at times we had to take steps backwards, but Andrew always taught me how to troubleshoot these issues so I could manage my knee when I eventually would be on my own. Overall, working with Andrew was such a great experience during my ACL reconstruction recovery and I am back to running, paddling, hiking, and doing all the things I once feared I would never be able to do again."

Aneesa Golshan Recovery Following ACL Reconstruction

"Andrew Takata has changed my life for the better. Not only has my stamina skyrocketed in big surf, but my mental aspect of shooting in the water has improved significantly. His knowledge of holistic fitness and nutrition can help anyone in need of a better lifestyle."

Danny Sepkowski Water Photographer

"Andrew Takata is the consummate professional. When I have athletes with specific movement concerns, I send them to Andrew because I know he will go above and beyond to make sure the athletes’ needs are assessed, addressed, and corrected. "

Kenny Patton Performance Coach, Patton Sports Performance

"Following my shoulder surgery in January 2017, I chose Performance Rehab Ortho (PRO) to be part of my recovery process. Everyone at PRO is supportive, motivating and genuinely cares about your well-being which reflects the leadership presented by Andrew Takata. Once my injury felt well managed, and I was comfortable and returned to full function, I chose to continue with PRO for preventive care and overall maintenance of my wellness. It was excellent timing when Andrew started the nutrition program in 2018. I believe my participation in the program complements my recovery. I am a long-distance runner and for years I was in continuous training mode and was very regimented with my eating, and just about all aspects of my life. Andrew is so patient, supportive and is highly intuitive when it comes to motivating someone. He takes the time to get to know you. He truly has helped me become a more balanced and happier person. With his guidance, I now make better food choices, I’m more aware of my physical condition as well as my environment, and he helped me accept the concept of recovery. Because of Andrew’s passion for helping others, I have been inspired to share my nutrition journey with my patients who often comment on my fitness level. I’m so fortunate to have Andrew on my “wellness team;” he makes my athletic program guides me with my nutrition and makes it all fun that I’m able to keep very active and to work on achieving my fitness goals with a smile."

Lisa Rehab, Training, and Nutrition Client

"It is with great humility and honor that I attest to the professional knowledge, client, clinical, and expert speaking experiences I have had with Andrew. I have only known Andrew since February of 2019. I was referred to him after suffering an extreme hamstring pull. I found him to be one of the most professional trainers I have encountered. As the owner and operator of 2 professional athletic organizations for the past 15 years, I have dealt with coaches and trainers here in Hawaii on many occasions. What sets Andrew apart is his ability to diagnose the issue with an athlete, prepare a plan for development and follow through until completion. He is able to get a “buy in” and move forward without interruptions. Once I completed by rehab on my hamstring, I immediately began referring my students to Andrew for athletic training and/or rehab. These experiences were also fruitful as he has been an excellent extension of the core values I share with my clients. My next experience with Andrew was inviting him speak to a small group of my athletes about nutrition. I was impressed with his presentation and the feedback I received from my clients was positive. Therefore, I have continued using his services for athletic development for my students and small seminar type environments."

Randy Morris President, The Extreme Fitness Club www.efchawaii.com and FITRM Academy LLC

"Andrew is professional, and knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition, fitness and strength training. I personally worked with Andrew on a nutrition based program and have to say it was an enjoyable experience. He’s a great listener and is extremely easy to work with. I was comfortable enough to be “honest” when discussing my daily food habits. Andrew helped me to change the way I looked at food and managed to change my perspective on how and what I was eating. Instead of formulating a diet plan, we looked at my lifestyle and also my relationship with food. We made a few simple mindset changes which definitely proved to be a way more effective process than me going on a fad diet. Thank you Andrew for teaching me a lot about nutrition! My husband is happier with his meals (more diverse proteins) and I don’t have cravings anymore! I truly appreciate you!"

Janeen Tirrell Client and Total Foodie


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