165. Dr. Suma Metla On Pediactric Physical Therapy, Motor Development, & Supporting Kids

165. Dr. Suma Metla On Pediactric Physical Therapy, Motor Development, & Supporting Kids

Let’s welcome Dr. Suma Metla, the founder of Three Little Ducks Hawaii and a physical therapist who specializes in pediatric care. She shares how her past experiences has led her to Hawaii and helping families to support their growing kids as they navigate through their early formative years. Her passion to help others stems from her parents and how they instilled the importance of volunteering to help others in need. From a young age Suma volunteered with the Special Olympics year after year.

Suma also grew up practicing classical Indian dance from when she was about 6 years old. Later in life, she also began to practice yoga in addition to dancing which also helped her to connect with her culture. All these activities throughout her life have given her a great appreciation for her culture as well as how important movement is to support our overall health and well-being. After completing her sociology degree in undergrad, she found her passion in pursuing a career in physical therapy. This seamlessly led into helping to support children and they develop and grow.

Suma shares many great insights about early motor development in this episode. Her big message to families is to do what suites your lifestyle, sparks your interest, and supports your child’s growth and development. Be sure to check out more great resources on her website and social media platforms below. On her website you can find excellent resources, more information about the Ohana yoga classes, her baby classes, and physical therapy services as well! Listen in to all the great information Suma shares and enjoy the episode!

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