171. Luis Ramirez On Passion For Volleyball, Coaching, & Hawaii Athletes

171. Luis Ramirez On Passion For Volleyball, Coaching, & Hawaii Athletes

Let’s welcome Coach Luis Ramirez to the HNL Movement podcast! He shares so many great experiences, from growing up following his sister’s footsteps playing volleyball to coaching many great athletes here in Hawaii. He has always loved practicing, training, and studying volleyball through his career and continues to help the next generation of volleyball athletes do the same.

Luis grew up playing on the Dominican Republic national teams since he was 12 years old. He gained valuable experiences that shaped him into a well-rounded volleyball player, and he eventually found himself playing collegiate volleyball at Menlo College. During college, he seamlessly began to help to coach club volleyball and do individual and small group coaching. He had a passion for coaching that was just as strong as his passion for playing volleyball himself.

Eventually, Luis found his way to Hawaii and has loved being here ever since. The Hawaii volleyball community has welcomed Luis and his ability to develop young volleyball players. He shares what his journey has been like, from coaching at various high schools, directing Rainbows Volleyball Club Hawaii, and the countless clinics and training sessions he has done for more than 25+ years. Listen in to all the great gems Luis shares in this episode; from the evolution of the sport, coaching philosophy, to Hawaii volleyball. Also, be sure to check out more information about coaching services online and on social media. Listen in and enjoy this episode!

IG: @luis2rmrz
Website: https://www.volleyhawaii.com/

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