167. PhD Journey Update: Spring 2023!

167. PhD Journey Update: Spring 2023!

Andrew shares updates about navigating through his 4th semester in his PhD program! This episode is a great insider peek at all the demands of Andrew’s PhD experience. Going through his program is like working towards any other long-term goal, focus on taking the next step while learning and growing along the way.

Andrew shares valuable insights about the process of going through his 2nd year. He doesn’t only shed some light on his workload, but also how time consuming and demanding biomechanics research can be. He is in the middle of collecting data and fully immersed into the research process with ongoing projects. For everyone working towards your goals, continue to plug along and trust the process. Great things lie ahead when you put in the time and effort to improve.

Be sure to check out the HNL Movement YouTube channel for video clips of the podcast episodes and helpful resources to optimize your performance. Stay tuned for future episodes on what’s going on in Andrew’s journey, as well as exciting future guest interviews! Aloha!

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