108. 5 Keys To Why You Need To Pay Attention To Head And Neck Posture

head and neck posture

108. 5 Keys To Why You Need To Pay Attention To Head And Neck Posture

This episode is not to be missed if you are scrolling through which episode to watch. Listen in on this one about head and neck posture! The information in this episode can be so beneficial for everyone. In this day of consistent smartphone usage, where we’re often looking down, our head and neck tolerates excessive stress. Also, it’s a fact that our head and neck posture affects our entire spine. This is an area of the body that tends to be overlooked, as we focus more on the bigger muscles. However, when our head and neck posture is out of line, we begin compensating for that in other areas, creating tension and stress on other parts of the body.

Andrew breaks it down for you in this episode with 5 key points, providing much detail on the effects that head and neck posture has on our body, what happens when it’s thrown off, and the ways that we tend to overcompensate with our head and neck. For example, it is common to see people using their heads and neck to compensate for poor core stability. Someone might be doing a plank and flexing their head and neck towards their chest to make up for this lack of stability.

Listen in, as you’ll learn so much from Andrew’s knowledge from each key point in this episode. Your head and neck posture, position, range of motion, is all so very crucial. Once you hear the information provided in this episode, you may start to notice what you are doing with your head and neck. This little detail can help you to optimize your performance, both in sports and in life.

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