105. Basics Of Elevating Shoulder Health & Performance

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105. Basics Of Elevating Shoulder Health & Performance

Your shoulder is an extremely mobile and extraordinary joint in the body. In this episode, Andrew dives into great detail on shoulder function, explaining the anatomy of the shoulder itself and the roles of each moving part. This episode is great for injury prevention, rehab, training, or doing anything in our sports because the shoulder plays a major role in our performance. It’s common to focus most of the attention on the rotator cuff, but when it comes to the shoulder, there are many moving parts beyond just the rotator cuff. Andrew breaks down the highly complex system of the shoulder in a way that will help you understand how the shoulder functions, as well as how to prevent shoulder injuries. Knowing the synergy of the shoulder system is vital to shoulder health.

Listen in on this episode for the full spectrum of information beyond the common assumptions on shoulder function. One of Andrew’s main points includes scapular stability. Our rotator cuff cannot properly do its job if the scapulae are unstable. Even the scapulae alone have a complex anatomical system that plays into the sum of all the moving parts. For example, the scapulae was meant to glide with our movement, which is why the scapulae are not connected to the rib cage by ligaments, but they are connected by muscle tissue instead. This is just a glimpse of some of the details that you’ll learn in this episode that contribute to the knowledge of this entire shoulder girdle system and how it all works together.

This episode is full of so much useful information on how everything in the body is connected, including how core strength contributes to shoulder function. Tune in to learn more about how complex the shoulder girdle truly is, and how to use this information to elevate your performance in sports and in life. Enjoy!

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