154. Wrapping Up 2022 – Get Ready To Jump Into 2023!

HNL Movement 2022

154. Wrapping Up 2022 – Get Ready To Jump Into 2023!

Another year is in the books! Listen in to Andrew’s insights, lessons learned, and reflections this past year. Andrew shares a brief PhD program update, highlights throughout the year, and what he is looking forward to in 2023. He also reflects on another great year of the HNL Movement Podcast. Be sure to check out all the previous episodes on your favorite podcasting platforms!

Andrew reminds all of us of the importance of taking care of yourself and achieving a good balance in your life. He quotes Trevor Noah in a clip that he saw recently about finding a balance in life period, there’s so much more that needs to be considered other than work and life. Therefore, we are searching for so much more than a “work-life” balance. This constant search for balance is necessary in everything that we do, whether that’s elevating performance, playing sports, personal growth, or being there for your loved ones.

Leading into 2023, stay tuned for more content coming your way on the HNL Movement Podcast, YouTube channel, and social media outlets! Andrew plans to share more content about the research he is doing, all things related to human performance, and valuable information that will help you reach your goals. Be sure to subscribe and follow all the HNL Movement social media outlets to keep up to date with new content in 2023! Happy New Year and enjoy the episode!

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