147. Max Newlon On Brain Training, Improving Focus, And Elevating Performance

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147. Max Newlon On Brain Training, Improving Focus, And Elevating Performance

Welcome Max Newlon, the President of BrainCo, to the HNL Movement Podcast! This episode discusses how you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to training your brain. BrainCo develops technology that measures brain activity and helps to improve how we are connecting with the world around us. All our interactions, experiences, habits, and so on influence how we live and perform in life. Training our minds is arguably just as, if not more important than all the physical training we do to elevate our performance.

Max shares how he started his journey in martial arts at a young age and was introduced to meditation practices. This path sparked his interest in neuroscience and how to train the mind as he progressed through his education. In college, he earned his undergraduate degree in cognitive science and went on to study human development psychology in his graduate program at Harvard. He has been fascinated with how meditation and self-regulation practices can make a significant impact on our wellbeing and performance. He is passionate to learn about advancements in this field, but more importantly to help educate people of all walks of life the benefits of these tools and practices.

Max dives into the FocusCalm experience that helps us train to improve focus and calm our minds. Listen in to learn about the headband hardware, the user experience on the app, and how daily mind training can help in so many facets of life. This is revolutionizing not only human performance, but also how we navigate through our daily lives. He gives a comprehensive understanding of how these tools and practices can benefit everyone from kids to elite level athletes. Be sure to check out the links below for more information about FocusCalm. Also, if you are interested in purchasing the headband or the app, use this link for 10% off your purchase: https://focuscalm.com/discount/HNL10
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BrainCo: https://brainco.tech/
FocusCalm: https://focuscalm.com/
Instagram: @focus_calm
Twitter: @BrainCo_Tech

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