040. Tumua Tuinei: From Football to Stand-Up Comedy

040. Tumua Tuinei: From Football to Stand-Up Comedy

This episode features Tumua Tuinei, a former University of Hawaii football player turned stand-up comedian. Tumua shares his story of how his path in sports took a surprising detour into theater, as he became noticed as a stand-up comedian. Yet, he compares the two journeys, both having obstacles to overcome and a requirement for mental toughness and stamina. His journey is unique and inspiring to anyone who is following their passion as a career. He encourages everyone to do what they love, and this story is proof that we really never know how things are going to turn out.

Tumua was born and raised in Hawaii and grew up playing football from the age of six. His uncle played for the Dallas Cowboys, and his father was in the NFL as well, playing for the Detroit Lions. He was leading into a career in sports and played football for the University of Hawaii. He had his eye on business and sports broadcasting, but little did he know, his minor in theater would change everything. The University of Hawaii at the time was one of few universities that offered a stand-up comedy class. Tumua just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Part of the class requirement was to perform at local bars. Something that began as a fun part of his college curriculum soon expanded into invites to perform in other locations. These invites just kept expanding. Now, Tumua has a full-blown career in stand-up comedy, now headlining in various locations. His footprint on social media continues to grow and as he makes us laugh during this pandemic. You can catch him on Instagram or watch him live soon, December 4th-6th, headlining at The Blue Note Hawaii. Listen in on this episode as Tumua speaks about what becomes possible when you follow what you love.

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