060. Tessa Fournier On Competing, Managing Injuries, and The Results Of Hard Work

060. Tessa Fournier On Competing, Managing Injuries, and The Results Of Hard Work

This episode features Tessa Fournier, who is professional volleyball player, Kupono Fey’s girlfriend. Tessa speaks on playing volleyball, overcoming injuries, and playing smart to achieve optimal performance. Tessa shares her story from growing up in Redondo Beach, California with a highly athletic family. Her family was not just athletic, but highly competitive too, which gave Tessa her spirit for winning and success. She speaks about the ways her family would compete over anything and all of their endearing qualities that made life fun.

Like many professional athletes, Tessa began her journey playing other sports, mainly soccer. Yet, growing up in one of the volleyball hotspots of the world, she found her love for volleyball at age 11. From there, she didn’t really look back. Volleyball was her thing, and once she entered high school, she played on the varsity as a freshman.

Tessa is inspiring to listen to. You can hear her passion and drive, but also her dedication to what she does. Her journey has not been without injuries, and the stories of how she overcame those injuries are proof that she has developed her mental toughness. Her first major injury was a pars defect, which is a fracture in a section of the vertebrae that make up the spinal column. This took time to heal, and she shares her healing journey with that injury. She also played several games at Seton Hall with a broken wrist, which happened following a collision with her teammate.

In college, Tessa landed a volleyball scholarship at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. She shares a lot about that journey as well and what it took for her to pursue that dream. She is now a coach for girls’ volleyball and feels passionate about inspiring other young women to go after their dreams and aspirations. Listen in on this episode and to Tessa’s wisdom that she gained along the way of her athletic journey. Enjoy!

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