022. Randy Morris, Owner FitRM, On Discipline, Training, Mentoring, and Elevating Performance

022. Randy Morris, Owner FitRM, On Discipline, Training, Mentoring, and Elevating Performance

This episode features Randy Morris, a true awe inspiring performance coach with an impeccable story. As an African American raised in the South, Randy gives us a story very relevant to the times. He gives us a story shedding light on the current picture we have on racial equality today. Listen to the unfolding of Randy’s career, which was driven and inspired by a pivotal moment in his life as a teenager. A woman, by the name of Mrs. Burris, noticed Randy playing basketball with his friends on the street. Later she asked his father if he would let Randy play basketball on her son’s team. It was unheard of at this time for an African American in the South to be playing basketball on a caucasian team. As Randy continued to play, he eventually was given a full ride basketball scholarship in college. He had the opportunity to attend the same camps as some of the big name players, such as Micheal Jordan and James Worthy. Currently, Randy is the owner of a performance training company in Honolulu, called FitRM. In this episode, Randy talks about how he works with and provides value for each of his students. Randy believes that being a good athletic trainer involves more than just simply practicing technique. He believes that what makes a student successful is for the student to feel important and to feel seen. He believes in speaking to who they are inside. He focuses on the big picture of what really matters and gives back the chance that was given to him as a teenager. He gives back the chance to be seen and heard, the chance to shine. He encourages each of his students to be the best version of themselves. Especially in the times that we are in, Randy focuses on what really matters. Listen in on Randy’s journey from childhood and the evolution of his career as an athletic trainer in Honolulu. It’s a pleasure to welcome Randy Morris.


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