072. Practice The Skill Of “Eating Until Satisfied” For Optimal Health And Performance

072. Practice The Skill Of “Eating Until Satisfied” For Optimal Health And Performance

The topic for this week’s episode is nutrition, eating until you’re satisfied. Andrew gives us tips on how to understand the cues that tell us when we’re satisfied, and he lays out the key points that influence our eating habits. The way that we eat and the portion sizes that we believe are appropriate are influenced by so many factors, including:

• Mental
• Emotional
• Social
• Cultural
• Habitual

Most of us have learned to rely on these influences to determine how much to eat instead of relying on our innate system of cues. We tend to either overeat or undereat, and neither way leads us to nutritional balance. Both of these habits are caused by a misunderstanding of how we eat until we’re satisfied. Listen in on this episode to learn how to tune in and find that balance of eating until you’re 80% full, which is that sweet spot of satisfaction. Eating until we’re satisfied, as opposed to overeating or undereating, can yield the following benefits:

• Endocrine balance
• Better gut/brain connection
• Accurate communication loop of hunger cues
• Reliance on innate systems

Tune into this episode to get back to the basics, eating until you’re satisfied. Learn how to use this skill even at social events and restaurants, where the social and cultural influences on portions are heightened. Take on the key points given to you in this episode and apply them to your life, and use them to adjust and adapt to a more natural way of eating that will bring positive results! Enjoy this episode, Aloha.

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