019. Nagging Tendinopathy: 6 Steps To Tackle Tendon Pain Immediately

019. Nagging Tendinopathy: 6 Steps To Tackle Tendon Pain Immediately

Tendonitis is one of the most frustrating nagging injuries for athletes. Addressing underlying issues that may place excessive stress on tendons is crucial during the rehab process. Early interventions during the early stages of tendonitis will save you a lot of headache, frustration, and setbacks. Ideally, paying attention to everything in this episode as injury prevention strategies will produce the best outcomes when training to elevate your performance. Listen in on this episode to understand the big picture when it comes to dealing with tendinopathies. I dive into 6 steps that will help you alleviate tendon pain as well as help to get you back to your activities as quickly and safely as possible.

6 steps I covered in the episode are:
Get checked out and evaluated, from both an orthopedic and movement standpoint.
Address mobility dysfunctions.
Focus on basic strength and activation exercises.
Modify your volume with activities. Find the appropriate threshold at that point in time and gradually progress back to full participation.
Understand how to make lifestyle modifications to aide in a quick recovery. Also, understand how lifestyle factors either aggravate or alleviate your pain.
Learn how to maintain performance level without causing recurring tendonitis. Learn how to take care of your body and how to train more effectively.
Definitely apply these concepts if you have any type of tendinopathy and share this episode with anyone that this might help. Also, if you are injury free, take these concepts to be proactive and prevent any future injuries. Listen in, let me know if this helps you, and I will be back next week! Aloha!

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