042. Movement 101: Understanding the Kinetic Chain and Regional Interdependence

042. Movement 101: Understanding the Kinetic Chain and Regional Interdependence

In this episode, Andrew goes into the concept of regional interdependence. The concept of regional interdependence is a concept that physical therapist Gray Cook, and strength coach Mike Boyle, came up with that applies to the majority of situations. It has shifted the way that trainers are seeing movement in people, and it has shifted the way that they apply strength and conditioning techniques. This concept can help anyone to make more sense of how the body needs to function.

Andrew talks in great detail about this concept, breaking it down in a way that anybody can process and understand. He speaks from his belief that everyone should have access to this knowledge. Knowing this concept can bring about a deeper, more unified whole-body awareness. This episode will help to provide a deep understanding of the way our joints and different parts of the body are connected and interact with one another, affecting each other during movement.

The parts of our body are connected like the links of a chain. Therefore, when one area of the body is weak, the other parts of the body will begin to move in accordance with the weaker link to compensate. To put it simple, the body functions as a system that needs to work together. One area of the body will influence and affect all other areas of the body. Listen in on this very informative talk by Andrew and gain a better understanding of how we can address movement to train more effectively and optimize our performance.

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