024. Maximize Your Results By Training With Intent, Focus, and Precision

024. Maximize Your Results By Training With Intent, Focus, and Precision

In this episode, Andrew suggests taking a look at the way that you train. What are you focusing on when you’re practicing movement? What is your intent? We have all heard the phrase, “quality over quantity.” When we integrate this “quality over quantity” approach into our training and practice, we improve how we train and improve our results. Instead of focusing on the number of reps during each practice, try focusing on the quality of each rep. This episode has us take a look at how we are training and provides an understanding of how we can train more efficiently to maximize results.

Exercise requires a lot of focus and discipline. When you train, are you going through the motions, or are you making each movement count? Take note of the way you’ve been training recently, and you can apply the information from this episode to the areas that you may improve on. Andrew talks about moving with intent, focusing on specific details, and executing movements with more precision. When we practice in this way, our body adapts over time. In other words, practice makes things permanent.

We often overlook the fact that practice is more about how we are doing an exercise and not the amount of reps we do or the number of weight we are carrying. Andrew gives the example of shooting 100 basketballs a day without focusing on the quality of those shots. If you make only 10 out of 100 shots and don’t focus on corrections, the results will stay the same. To optimize your performance, you will need to focus on the specific areas that will help you improve. Listen in on this episode as Andrew dives into the ways that we can apply certain principles to our practice, work ethic, and training sessions. It’s your time to elevate your performance in all aspects by focusing on quality, not quantity! Listen and enjoy!

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