006. Is Your Impatience Impeding Your Long-Term Performance?

006. Is Your Impatience Impeding Your Long-Term Performance?

Have you ever gotten sucked into the marketing claims of a health and fitness product that you ended up realizing you didn’t absolutely need? What we all need sometimes is to trust the process and not give in to the “put a band aid on it” quick fix claims. That’s when we need to put in the right type of work, be consistently, and be patient. I discuss some insights that will help you to remain consistent, enhance your fundamentals, and pull philosophies from very successful coaches and health care practitioners to reiterate the importance of fundamentals. We all need to focus on growth and the process of improving, the idea as Precision Nutrition states getting 1% better every day. The take home message is to embrace the journey and don't let your impatience impede your health and fitness progress.

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