023. Got Tightness? Do More Than Just Stretch And Myofascial Release

023. Got Tightness? Do More Than Just Stretch And Myofascial Release

Got tightness? In this episode, Andrew discusses the ways that we can address muscle soreness, tightness, and restrictions that make us feel uncomfortable. We all experience this from time to time. Of course, stretching, massage, and myofascial release are ways that can help us to feel better. However, what can we learn from the issues associated with tightness when it occurs? How many times have you had the same issue of tightness reoccur? What have you learned about it?

Listen in on this episode as Andrew provides information that will help us to understand the causes of tightness. Tightness is the signal given by the body, pointing to an issue. The cause can be physical or emotional. The more we can learn to listen to our bodies and pinpoint the root causes of these issues, the smarter we can train to help alleviate and prevent these issues from re-occurring. Andrew addresses ways to deal with tightness and soreness that will help any lingering discomfort. Through Andrew’s multidimensional approach, this information will help you to elevate your performance and overall lifestyle. Tune in, enjoy, and thank you for listening. Aloha!

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