143. Get Started Working Toward Your Goals Immediately!

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143. Get Started Working Toward Your Goals Immediately!

Andrew talks about key points to get started and taking action steps immediately. We are all guilty of putting things off in life, and that may be involving physical activities, health, nutrition, fitness goals. When you take that first step, that will help you to be on your way to make improvements and grow. Andrew discusses 5 key points to take action immediately, if not today, then tomorrow.

1. Start with an appropriate/realistic volume
2. Progress gradually
3. Take interest in improving
4. Enjoy the process
5. Find your support system

Getting over the initial hurdles of getting started could be what gets on you on the right track to accomplish your goals. Andrew concludes with an excellent quote from Episode 16 with Jay Christensen that relates to this episode. “The things that we persist in doing becomes easier, not because the task has changed, but because ability to do has increased.” If we don’t do and put things into action, we take away any chance of increasing our ability and reaching our goals. After you listen to this episode, make your plan to put something into action immediately. Enjoy the episode!

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