037. David Orozco On Intuitive Eating, Nourishing Your Soul, And Promoting Sustainable Health

037. David Orozco On Intuitive Eating, Nourishing Your Soul, And Promoting Sustainable Health

What could be possible by changing our relationship with the food we enjoy? If you have ever been on a diet, tried multiple diets, or know someone who struggles with their relationship with food, you don’t want to miss this episode! Listen in on an interview with David Orozco, a Registered Dietician Nutritionist who focuses on intuitive eating and a compassion-driven approach to lifestyle choices around food. David is the owner of TD wellness and is the host of a podcast called, “One Small Bite.” As a certified intuitive eating counselor, David gives us a look at his anti-diet approach to helping people make peace with food and develop a positive relationship with eating. Instead of focusing on weaknesses, he has people take a look at what makes them happy, and what can be sustainable. David says that we can learn the most out of listening and paying attention to our bodies. The key is learning how to pay attention and to know the value in it. His approach comes from what he calls the 4 Cs, which are Compassion, Commitment, Consistency, and Curiosity. Give this episode a listen for a peek at how to chop the diet mentality, nourish the body, and feed the soul.

Website: https://www.tdwellness.com/
Podcast: One Small Bite
Facebook: tdwellness
Instagram: @david_tdwellness

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