046. Bryant Moniz on Work Ethic, Spreading Positivity, and Controlling The Controllables

046. Bryant Moniz on Work Ethic, Spreading Positivity, and Controlling The Controllables

In this episode, Andrew welcomes Bryant Moniz, former University of Hawaii quarterback and professional quarterback in the CFL. Bryant uses all of his experiences to serve as a football and strength and conditioning coach for the next generation. He runs the Hawaii Football Academy, a training program focused on developing young athletes. Also, he is motivating and inspiring people of all walks of life to become more active, fit, and healthy through his training program at the “Warrior’s Den.” Bryant encourages parents to let their kids try as many sports as they can. His philosophy is that one sport will help you excel in another sport, and sports can teach children a lot about discipline, teamwork, and sacrifice. He believes the fact that playing sports growing up can help a person develop both on and off the field as a person as well as elevate overall performance.

Bryant has many stories to share, especially when it comes to his experience dealing with injuries. Bryant had a few major setbacks with injuries, starting with his junior year in high school just as the recruitment process was beginning for colleges. He began his college career at Fresno City College. He returned home and walked-on at the University of Hawaii where he had a successful career and made Hawaii proud. Unfortunately, during this senior year, he experienced a season ending ankle injury that halted not only his college career, but also preparation for pro day and hopes to play in the NFL. After college, he played Arena Football in Georgia and suffered another significant injury tearing his MPFL in his knee. Bryant has a lot to share around mental toughness and staying strong. He believes that his work ethic and drive to keep going has led to his success and accomplishments.

Bryant has 3 children who he loves to teach and inspire. He has a passion for shedding a positive light on fitness and training, helping others to live and move better. For motivation and inspiration be sure to check out his Instagram accounts:
Personal Instagram: @_mightymo_
Mind/Body Training: @_warriorsden
Youth Academy: @hawaiifootballacademy

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