010. Brian Buck On Training Smart And Elevating Performance With Sparta Science

010. Brian Buck On Training Smart And Elevating Performance With Sparta Science

Listen in on this episode as Brian Buck, the Director of Sports at Sparta Science, joins Andrew in an interview to discuss the innovative technology of Sparta Science and how it works. Brian shares his own story of beginning with baseball, and a host of injuries throughout his career inspired him to work with Sparta Science later on. Sparta Science is a technology used to assess movement holistically through three simple scans, which include balance, plank, and jump. In this episode, Andrew and Brian will be breaking down the ways that each scan works and why they are so effective at optimizing the way a person trains. Sparta Science is for anyone, athlete or not, who wants to understand how to improve their mobility and optimize their human performance. Many athletes who are recovering from specific injuries use this technology to assess their progress. Brian talks about how people recover at different rates and not always at the predicted rate. He uses this technology to assess whether or not an athlete is ready to return to play or if the injury is still in the process of healing. The advantage of using this system is the accuracy of the measurement. This is a system that cannot be cheated or manipulated. Sparta Science has become a system used by many facilities to assess what needs to be improved and what progress needs to be made with each individual’s training. Listen in on this episode as Brian Buck speaks about this truly innovative technology that is bringing athletic assessment to a whole new level.

Learn more about Sparta Science at www.spartascience.com

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