163. More Is Not Always Better: Finding The Optimal Dose

163. More Is Not Always Better: Finding The Optimal Dose

This episode is all about doing more is not always better. Instead find the optimal dose or range that will yield to better performance. Finding this ideal range for everything will help to support efficient, intentional, and consistent practices that will help you to level up your progress. This concept will also help prevent you from the detrimental effects of doing too much of something. A key theme of this episode Andrew emphasizes is to be precise with how much you are doing of something. This applies to strength & conditioning workouts, recovery practices, sports practices, nutrition habits, and all aspects of human performance.

Andrew emphasizes the importance of focusing on the precision and intention of how you are spending your time and effort during training sessions. He shares the basketball free throw example that puts this into perspective. This is a valuable concept can help you to train smarter and improve your results. Apply these concepts with everything that you are doing to help reach all your goals that you set out for yourself. Be sure to stay tuned for more content coming your way on the HNL Movement Podcast, YouTube channel, and social media outlets. Subscribe, follow, and share! Enjoy the episode!

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