158. Back To Basics: Training & Exercise Concepts

back to basics

158. Back To Basics: Training & Exercise Concepts

Let’s get back to basics with exercise, movement, and training. Andrew discusses the key basic exercises, components of moving efficiently, and what to pay attention to for better fundamental movements. This episode offers great insights and information that helps Andrew build a strong foundation for those he works with.

Andrew discusses the basic exercises that are essential to any type of workout. Squat, hinge, lunge, push patterns, pull patterns, and core function. In addition, he talks about key components and regions of the body to be aware of when executing these exercises. Lastly, pay attention to your alignment, activation, and movement efficiency when it comes to creating a sound foundation of movement. This sound movement foundation will help you to do more advanced exercises, variations, and sport specific tasks.

Listen in and apply these insights to tune up your basics during training. Be sure to stay tuned for more content coming your way on the HNL Movement Podcast, YouTube channel, and social media outlets. Subscribe, follow, and share! Enjoy the episode!

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