153. Michelle Hillier On Health & Wellness, Personal Growth, And Finding Balance

153. Michelle Hillier On Health & Wellness, Personal Growth, And Finding Balance

Let’s welcome Michelle Hillier to the HNL Movement Podcast! Michelle shares how all her experiences have helped her create her program, Breath + Fire. Breath + Fire helps people to discover their authentic self, encourage personal growth, and find their balance in life to thrive. She has a lot of personal wisdom to share in this episode, growing up as a performer to overcoming hardships and struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michelle helps and teaches people of all ages how to take care of their body. She talks about how she founded the Groovin’ Kids program that encouraged more than one million kids to move and dance. Throughout the years, she continued to spread awareness about health and movement through TED talks, keynote speeches, and workshops. However, as the years went on, and through the pandemic, her life came crashing down while she endured pain and surgery, struggles with close relationships, and alcohol abuse. Although it took great strength and perseverance to overcome those challenges, she is grateful for those times of adversity as it helped her to find her authentic self and fuel her passion to help others do the same.

Michelle shares many gems about personal growth in this episode. Listen in to learn about her philosophy, programs, and services she offers. She wants to tell everyone that it’s never too late to grow and work on ourselves. Be sure to check out her links below and enjoy the episode!

IG: @ michelle_breathandfire

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