148. Synthesizing Research, Applying Information, & 3rd Semester PhD Update

148. Synthesizing Research, Applying Information, & 3rd Semester PhD Update

Andrew shares an update with his PhD in Biomechanics journey. He gives a little insight in his area of study, his research responsibilities, and future projects that he is looking forward to working on. He also shares his growth as he reflects to where he was a year ago during his first semester. For all of us, looking back can show us how our consistent practices and habits helped us grow over time.

Andrew also talks about how research contributes to the bigger picture and improves our understanding in theory and practice. Adding new information to our current knowledge is key to advance any field. In addition, it's important to recognize that a single article isn’t the final answer to all problems, but rather it helps us to further our knowledge and thought process moving forward. Essentially, research articles are small pieces fitting into the bigger puzzle that helps to provide more clarity than we had before. This is what skilled researchers and experts are excellent at doing, synthesizing research and progressing the thought process that leads to innovative solutions.

Lastly, Andrew applies this concept to everyone that comes across information in the health & fitness space. He shares how he saw a podcast clip where Bret Contreras shared that the health & fitness landscape today gives an advantage to the non-practitioners that have the ability to invest time in creating content. I agree that this is very different than the past where experts in the field dedicated their time to work with clients and athletes. There's a lot of pros and cons here to dive into. Listen to the end of this episode for some great insights and things to be aware of when you come across health & fitness content on social media. Andrew shares some great perspective that you’ll want to listen to. Listen in and enjoy the episode!

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