144. Ryne Sullivan On Helping Others, Training For Sports, And CrossFit Training

ryne sullivan

144. Ryne Sullivan On Helping Others, Training For Sports, And CrossFit Training

Let’s welcome Ryne Sullivan to the HNL Movement Podcast! Ryne grew up in New Orleans and has been around sports and training for nearly his entire life. While growing up, he played organized soccer and baseball, and other backyard sports with the kids in his neighborhood. Listen in to all his experiences through playing sports, strength & conditioning, and currently training athletes at Training Think Tank.

Ryne looks back on his journey that led him to what he is doing today. Early on he realized his drive to train to compete in sports. This realization played a key role into how he trained and gravitated towards pursuing baseball in high school. The like-minded team environment, coaches, and trainers helped him to improve both on and off the field. This is also the beginnings of being introduced to quality training methods and CrossFit.

Ryne discusses many aspects of CrossFit; the philosophy, his experiences (competing and coaching), the culture, and how to know if CrossFit is right for you and your goals. He ties in his personal journey through training, sports, and overcoming injuries, into how it helps him to coach people as navigate along their health & fitness journey. This is a great episode not only to learn about CrossFit, but also how to enjoy the process of working towards better health & fitness. Listen in and enjoy the episode!


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