142. Improving Your Movement/Physical Literacy Through Training, Activities, & Life

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142. Improving Your Movement/Physical Literacy Through Training, Activities, & Life

How physically literate are you? Let’s break that down in this episode. Our bodies crave movement to improve fitness, mental state, moods, reduce stress levels, and so on. Movement is integrated in our lives from daily routine tasks to playing sports. Learning how to move well in a variety of ways is essential to improve our physical literacy.

Andrew dives into the importance and value of expanding our movement practices. Practicing a wide range of movements throughout the year, through various activities, or periodizing your workouts will help improve your performance. Listen in as Andrew recommends for all of us to intentionally mix things up so that we are not putting our bodies through the same demands year-round. For parents and your kids, it’s encouraged to participate in a variety of sports throughout the year if you enjoy it. As we start to specialize in a single sport, it is essential to have an offseason of around 4 months that consists of different physical demands. Lastly for adults, try to also incorporate various movements and different activities throughout the year. Of course, make sure you are fit and trained to participate safely at that level. Movement skills are something that if we don’t use it, we start to lose it. Train smart, improve your performance, and keep moving. Listen in and enjoy this episode.

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