141. Cody Collins On Baseball Training, Facing The Yips, And Persevering Through Adversity

141. Cody Collins On Baseball Training, Facing The Yips, And Persevering Through Adversity

This week features Cody Collins on the HNL Movement Podcast! Cody grew up working out, training, and excelling in baseball. He shares many lessons learned throughout his baseball career and beyond that we can all take something away from. Stay tuned for this jam-packed episode where we discuss strength & conditioning, training for baseball, facing the “yips,” overcoming injuries, and how he stays in shape and finds his purpose in being a firefighter.

Cody shares how he began training for baseball at a young age and was driven to improve in baseball. He dedicated himself to baseball and eventually realized his childhood dream of playing Division-I baseball at Cal State Fullerton. This transition from high school to college baseball was an eye-opening experience for him. In addition, he shares in depth about his experience facing the “yips” head on and struggled to overcome this mental, emotional, and physical battle. He also shares his experiences of battling through injuries, dislocating his throwing shoulder, and tearing his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). Cody’s strength and perseverance through these difficult times are something that we all can learn from.

Cody continues to stay active and extremely fit to help him prepare for the unknowns of being a firefighter. This episode is a testament of how everyone can learn valuable lessons through sports. It was a pleasure to talk to Cody and listen in to all the highlights, obstacles, and adversities that he faced through his career. He wants everyone to know that no matter what you are going through right now, you are not alone. Find those people that are there to help and support you, communicate and express yourself, and know that in the long run that everything will help to make you stronger. Everything will work out and be okay. Listen in and enjoy the episode!

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