140. Anatomy Trains, Myofascial Meridians, & Human Movement (Part 2)

anatomy trains

140. Anatomy Trains, Myofascial Meridians, & Human Movement (Part 2)

Have you heard about anatomy trains? Did you know that your myofascial system creates direct connections and seamless integrations between individual muscles. This episode is all about understanding the various myofascial meridians that travel the body from head to toe. The myofascial system contains countless nerve endings, provides sensory information, and stores mechanical information as we move. Knowledge of these integrated lines will add to your understanding of human movement, training, and performance.

Andrew discusses the anatomy train’s myofascial lines as presented in Thomas Myer’s classic book. This is a topic that can go to great depths to further understand how the body creates and adapts to movement. In this part 2 episode, Andrew dives into the remaining three myofascial lines: the arm lines, functional line, and deep front line. This is a great introduction to understand what components make up each line and some of the implications it has on our movement patterns. Be sure to check out and subscribe to the HNL Movement YouTube channel for the video version of this episode! Enjoy the episode!

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