137. What Is The Root Cause Of Knee Pain? Going From Pain To Performance

knee pain

137. What Is The Root Cause Of Knee Pain? Going From Pain To Performance

Do you suffer from nagging and annoying knee pain that is preventing you from doing activities? Even if you are pushing through the pain, your performance will slowly declining with any type of knee pain. This episode is all about understanding the wide range of potential causes of knee pain, how to eliminate your pain, and most importantly train to improve your knee health and performance.

Andrew shares this comprehensive perspective to break down the possible causes of knee pain. Be sure to listen to the entirety of this episode so that you can address your knee pain with a multidimensional approach. He discusses aspects such as getting assessed and diagnosed by sports medicine professional, how dysfunction in the kinetic chain contributes to excessive stress in your knee, proper training strategies, nutrition and recovery, as well as the mental aspects of eliminating knee pain. After this you will see that correcting knee pain is more complex than just doing a few exercises and stretches. Be sure to check out and subscribe to the HNL Movement YouTube channel for more related content! Take care of your knees, train smart, and enjoy the episode!

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