136. 2nd Year Of My PhD Journey! Excited To Move Forward!

phd 2nd year

136. 2nd Year Of My PhD Journey! Excited To Move Forward!

Summer is over and Andrew is starting his 2nd year in his PhD program! This episode is a brief update on his PhD journey as well as the upcoming HNL Movement content. Like with any endeavor, it’s about utilizing your experiences and growing along the way. With a year under his belt, he is excited to get started with his 2nd year.

Andrew shares valuable insights for everyone to apply to their journey. Focus on maintaining balance in life and trust the growth process. This is something that can be very challenging in the moment. However, that perspective can help us to better take care of our well-being and allow us to make greater progress moving forward. Listen in on his journey ahead, as he discusses the classes he will be taking and the ways it will benefit the HNL Movement podcast.

Be sure to check out the HNL Movement YouTube channel for video clips of the podcast episodes and helpful resources to optimize your performance. Stay tuned for future episodes on what’s going on in Andrew’s journey, as well as exciting future guest interviews! Aloha!

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