130. 5 Key Factors That Will Elevate Your Movement Quality

movement quality

130. 5 Key Factors That Will Elevate Your Movement Quality

Andrew shares 5 key areas to focus on that will greatly improve the quality of how you move. These fundamental concepts will apply to all different types of training and movements. The 5 areas to improve your movement quality that Andrew dives into are:

1. Mobility
2. Stability
3. Posture/alignment
4. Muscle activation
5. Tempo/speed of movement

Andrew shares great information and examples of how these basic concepts will help to tune up your movement. There will always be ways to improve in these areas as none of us move perfectly. That’s part of your journey to optimize your performance. Every rep, set, and training session is practice for you to improve and grow along your journey. The more that you clean up the quality of movement, the more benefit you will gain from exercise as well as lower your risk for injury. Listen in and apply these concepts to your training. Enjoy the episode!

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