128. What Is Biomechanics? Applying Biomechanics To Real Life And Better Performance

what is biomechanics

128. What Is Biomechanics? Applying Biomechanics To Real Life And Better Performance

Andrew provides a great overview of what biomechanics is. Biomechanics is a subdiscipline of kinesiology and one of the key tools to analyze human movement. It entails studying how the body moves using physics and mechanical engineering strategies. Biomechanics answers questions that help to prevent injuries, rehab injuries, train better, and improve performance.

In this episode, Andrew explains key terms in biomechanics such as kinematics and kinetics to analyze human movement. He also goes over the differences between qualitative and quantitative analyses. Both methods synthesize information and apply it to solve problems dealing with human movement. Biomechanics involves critical thinking and an understanding of anatomy to apply concepts to real life. Many kinesiology and sports medicine professionals utilize biomechanics. Everyone from PE teachers, coaches, strength coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians, and even athletes.

Although technology has come a long way, it is still unable to research and measure all the intricacies and details of human movement. Despite that, the take home message is that biomechanics is all around us. From learning techniques in sport and exercise, ergonomic advancements, to exercise tracking devices. It helps clinicians to improve patient care, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, sports equipment, etc. Biomechanics helps us to understand and explain why and how we move in life and sports. Enjoy the episode!

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