111. Cultural Influences Greatly Impact Nutrition Habits In Sports And Life

cultural influences on nutrition

111. Cultural Influences Greatly Impact Nutrition Habits In Sports And Life

This episode is all about culture influences on nutrition. Nutritional practices and beliefs are not going to be the same everywhere we go. Nutrition will greatly vary across cultures, depending on the environment, values, and ethnic backgrounds of the individuals. For example, some cultures eat diets higher in carbohydrates, consider rice dishes or pasta a part of their balanced meals, while other cultures may not consume many of these carbohydrates altogether.

This diversity in nutritional habits can possibly create more confusion since we have all this information available at our fingertips. How do we know what's right for us? In this episode, Andrew dives into the details about the ways nutritional habits differ between cultures and how to differentiate what is right for you. Just as different cultures have different nutritional habits, every individual is different. As you have heard on this podcast before, what is right for you may not work for somebody else, and vice versa.

This episode contains a lot of great knowledge and insights on how cultural backgrounds in life and sports influence nutritional needs. Andrew provides some great key points, outlining how fundamental nutrition habits apply to different cultures and individuals. Listen in and stay tuned for more great episodes! Aloha!

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