109. Ivan Flores On Muay Thai, Developing A Strong Mindset, And Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

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109. Ivan Flores On Muay Thai, Developing A Strong Mindset, And Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

In this episode, Andrew welcomes former professional Muay Thai fighter, and world-class coach Ivan Flores to the podcast. Ivan has a lot to share in this episode, which can inspire anyone who is following their passion and wanting to turn it into a career. He shares his journey of hard work and dedication, which led him to become a professional Muay Thai martial artist.

Once Ivan was turned onto martial arts at a young age, he dreamed of becoming a fighter. He shares here about the coaches he had along the way who inspired him and how important it is to have that inspiration from other people on your journey. His inspiration came from many angles, and one of his great inspirations was the humbleness and mindfulness he saw in his first coach, even though he trained with great intensity and controlled aggression.

It’s interesting to listen to someone who has had to work so hard to get to where they’re at and hear what it really took, to listen to their observations of others, and to listen to the mental and physical techniques they developed along the way. Ivan’s road to success, like most, was not a perfectly smooth path. He shares what it took and the skills he developed to keep himself going. One of his biggest takeaways has been learning from the examples by observing other people. Yet, most of all, his secret to success is in the love of the sport and loving what you do. If you don’t love it, you won’t make it, or it will at least become a lot harder.

Listen in on this inspiring episode with Ivan Flores, learn about how he managed a multitude of injuries, his philosophies, and what it’s like to train with him now. Ivan is now a Muay Thai coach and is passing this art form onto others. This episode is not to miss, enjoy!




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