107. Continual Improvement And Striving To Achieve More In Sports & Life

continual improvement

107. Continual Improvement And Striving To Achieve More In Sports & Life

This week, Andrew shares some of his thoughts around continual improvement and 5 tips that help us continue to improve at our sports and in life. Besides staying busy with his PhD program, Andrew spends a lot of time with athletes. On the podcast, he gets to hear many of their stories, and in this episode, he shares what he has taken away from listening to people who have made it to the top and operate at high levels of performance.

We all know that nothing comes easy that is worth fighting for. So how do we continue on our journey when it gets tough? This is a great episode to tune into for learning how to continue improvement without burnout. Learn how to dedicate yourself and embrace the process. Being a PhD student, Andrew has been refining these tips for himself, and what he shares in this episode is valuable for everyone. He speaks about being open to what you don’t know you don’t know and what there is to discover in the area of new possibilities. Being open-minded can lead to so much that we didn’t see as possible.

Andrew dives deep into each one of his 5 tips in this episode, so listen in, and gain some inspiration for your goals, whatever they might be. There is no need to do a 180 and start over when we feel stuck. Those tough spots are all part of the journey! Tune in to find out how to embrace your journey and continue to improve each step of the way. Aloha!

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