104. Interpreting Research Articles To Improve Understanding, Application, And Real Life Practices

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104. Interpreting Research Articles To Improve Understanding, Application, And Real Life Practices

This episode is for everyone, as we all know there is endless information at our fingertips. We can literally tap into any information that we want at any time. However, how do we know if we’re reading quality and accurate information? Of course, we have fact-checkers, but what about the research itself? How do we know if the research that was applied to the article was quality research? How do we interpret research well? This episode is here to help you understand and know these distinctions. Andrew gives several tips in this episode to those of us who love to browse about how to know if what we are reading is quality or just mediocre.

With all the information out there, especially with peer reviewed research articles, how do we sift through this information to find the quality pieces? We could easily assume that most of the information we see out there is equally as good as all the rest, but in this episode, Andrew breaks apart the differences in journal articles and how to tap into the good stuff.

Don't assume that all articles are well-written or well-researched. We also can’t take a single stand-alone article as face value and fact, or assume that one article is giving a clear-cut answer that applies to every situation. Plus, once we consume the information, more importantly is how can we use the information to improve our overall performance? This episode is full of valuable insight and expert knowledge on how to find the best information and apply that information in the best way. Listen in and learn how the best quality information is formed and how to recognize good research versus mediocre research. This episode is sure to improve your ability to locate good information and steer you away from the information out there that is “just okay.” Enjoy, and stay tuned for more episodes!

Also, to fellow PhD students and researchers, Andrew recommends the book:
“Writing Science: How To Write Papers That Get Citied And Proposals That Get Funded” By Dr. Joshua Schimel
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