103. Dr. Raj K. Anand On Coronary Heart Disease And Promoting Health In All Aspects Of Life

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103. Dr. Raj K. Anand On Coronary Heart Disease And Promoting Health In All Aspects Of Life

This is a very special episode, featuring Dr. Raj K. Anand, a retired cardiologist, inventor, and author. Dr. Raj Anand has so much to share from his life experiences and the wisdom he has gained on his incredible journey. Not only has Dr. Raj Anand accomplished so much in his lifetime, but he shares many fascinating stories in this podcast from his life. Some of them are emotional, and listening to Dr. Raj Anand in this episode is truly touching.

Dr. Raj Anand was raised in India and is a survivor from the hostile time when part of India was being separated to become Pakistan. He remained in India with his family until 1963, after getting married and finishing graduate school. He knew he wanted to become a doctor. The story of how he was offered a scholarship to Harvard Medical School is truly breathtaking, especially when he talks about almost losing the opportunity due to a request from the Indian government for him to return.

Aside from all these amazing stories, Dr. Raj Anand has some rich information to share based on his knowledge of health and disease. His philosophy is based not only on diet but also on lifestyle. He is now 86 and certainly has some potent information to share on the secrets to longevity and heart health. Listen in on this episode, and you will receive scientific advice from one of the top experts on how to live well and live healthily. Check out Dr. Raj Anand’s website, www.rajkanand.com, and there you can find his book, “Healthy Diet and Mindfulness to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease.” On his website, you can also find other podcast episodes he is featured on to learn more from his wisdom on life and health. Aloha!

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