100. Tommy Heffernan On Family, Pursuing Your Passion, And Giving Back To Your Community

100. Tommy Heffernan On Family, Pursuing Your Passion, And Giving Back To Your Community

Thank you for tuning in to the 100th episode! In this episode, welcome University of Hawaii’s strength and conditioning coordinator, Tommy Heffernan, to the podcast. Tommy has a unique story and a lot to share in the way of following your passions and your dreams. This episode is not to miss by anyone who is following their passion and pursuing a dream. As a dual-sport athlete, Tommy shares his background and where he began in the field of athletics. His passion for what he does is highly inspirational, and listening to Tommy in this episode is very touching. He speaks not just about the ups, but he speaks about the downs too. He provides the reminder that following your passions will include all of that, but it is extremely rewarding and will lead to a lot of learning and growth along the way.

Tommy explains the leap of faith he took, transitioning from being a teacher to a strength and conditioning coach. He found himself between two dreams, leaving one career to begin another, which at the time had some uncertainties. He was given a part-time job in the beginning and was scraping by as he began building his new career. This is a great episode for anyone who might need the reminder that new beginnings are not always easy. Tommy is proof that when you’re passionate, you’ll keep going. When you keep going with your passions, they’re bound to lead to great things. Tommy exemplifies doing what you love, and never give it up.

Tommy talks about the importance of being happy at work and creating a culture in the workplace environment. It’s not just about what you do, but it’s about what you create in that environment. He treats his staff and those around him like family, and this is what he considers the workplace to be about. Listen in on this episode to hear more from Tommy and the wisdom that he shares in this episode about career, home life, and how to progress as an athlete. Also, listen in for insight about the return of the Hawaii Strength Coaches Clinic! For anyone interested in the event, please email Tommy for more information and how to get involved. Enjoy the 100th episode!

Tommy’s email: theffern@hawaii.edu

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