099. Understanding Goals Are Complex: Step-By-Step Process For Success

099. Understanding Goals Are Complex: Step-By-Step Process For Success

With the new year approaching, this episode is all about goal setting and how we can effectively achieve the goals that we set. It’s often the case that we set unrealistic goals for ourselves, or we set goals without knowing how to work towards achieving them. Andrew talks about goals in this episode and how each goal is a complex process. Rarely is a goal as simple as making one change and moving forwards. Achieving a set goal is a step-by-step process, which leads us on a journey. How do we enjoy this journey and grow with the process?

If you’re looking to make some changes in the next year, and most of us are, listen in on Andrew’s expert advice here. Andrew sets the stage in this episode for us all to achieve success and be systematic when it comes to meeting these goals. One big point Andrew mentions in this episode is that many of us oversimplify our goals. When a goal is oversimplified, it becomes harder to achieve, because we tend to ignore important aspects that will help us along the way.

Every single goal is a complex process. Andrew lays out some very important key points in this episode that you will not want to miss for any changes you’re looking to make in the new year. What are your goals so far as the year comes to an end? Tune in to make your goals come into reality. Aloha!

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