097. Micah Christenson On Being Prepared For Opportunities And Pursuing Your “Why” And Passion

097. Micah Christenson On Being Prepared For Opportunities And Pursuing Your “Why” And Passion

In this episode, Andrew welcomes Micah Christenson, arguably the best setter in the world, to the podcast! Micah is a two-time Olympian volleyball player, earning an Olympic Bronze medal in the 2016 games in Rio. Micah grew up in Hawaii and decided that he wanted to pursue volleyball as a career at age 16. In college at USC, Micah became more serious about continuing volleyball when he realized it could be a legitimate career. This is a great episode for anyone pursuing their passions, as Micah shares a lot about how he persevered and followed his dream, until it became a reality.

Micah played volleyball with many great athletes throughout his career at Punahou, USC, and during his professional career. He has experienced remarkable athletic success in his career, but at the same he emphasizes the importance of academics and having an education to fall back on. He chose to major in and received his degree in human biology from USC. He reiterates you never know how long sports will be there, injuries could happen or even losing your passion to continue to play.

He has a wealth of knowledge to share in this episode from all his experiences, trials and tribulations, and unique athletic experiences that very few athletes go through. He describes the importance of pursuing your passion and not doing something else because someone else thinks you should. Micah encourages everyone to find their “why” and the fire that drives and motivates you to continue to improve. Your “why” is that important piece that will lead you far. Tune in to this episode to hear more! You can also find Micah on Instagram and Twitter: @mchristenson11

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