096. Muscle Elasticity And Pliability For Optimal Power And Performance

096. Muscle Elasticity And Pliability For Optimal Power And Performance

In this episode, Andrew dives into the subject of muscle elasticity. He illustrates this with the analogy of a rubber band. We simply want our tissues to be long and strong and not short and stiff. When our muscles are long and strong, our bodies can move fluidly, and the risk of injury is reduced. When we start to feel more mobile and our tissues are able tolerate more things, it creates a significant difference for reducing injury risk and improving the efficiency of our movements.

When stiff, our muscles cannot withstand as much. Stiffness isn’t just about flexibility, but multiple factors lead to stiff muscles. Poor hydration, muscle imbalances/weakness, and overtraining or lack of recovery can all contribute to excessive stiffness. When our muscles are in this stiff state, we cannot perform optimally. Our capabilities will be limited, and we will be at higher risk for injury.

How do we make our muscles long and strong? Andrew provides some basic concepts in this episode, diving into detail about how we can best take care of our muscles to alleviate stiffness, create elasticity, and move fluidly in sports and in our lives. These basic concepts go way beyond stretching and conditioning, so listen in, and expand your knowledge to help prioritize recovery, learn about the importance of myofascial release, and how to train the speed of movements to enhance neuromuscular connection. Enjoy this episode and remember to stay tuned as we approach episode 100!

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