094. Chris Kidawski On Doing What You Love, Bodywork, And Promoting Health

094. Chris Kidawski On Doing What You Love, Bodywork, And Promoting Health

This week’s episode contains many gems, including a plethora of information from expert strength and conditioning coach/bodyworker, Chris Kidawski. Chris, a multi-sport athlete, found his niche in college after retiring from football and deciding to help the players instead. It wasn’t long after stepping off the field and entering the weight room to help athletes that Chris discovered his passion for learning about the body and helping people get strong, fast, and healthy.

Chris talks a lot about the fascial system in this episode, and the information that he shares here is highly in-depth and eye-opening. Chris and Andrew both have a lot to share in regard to this system, which they both agree is the greatest and misunderstood portion of the body. Chris shares about the memory of fascia and how pain that may arise somewhere in the body may be stemming from something years ago, based on the memory of our fascial system. Once Chris began working with the fascial system and learning more about it, this became his gold when working with athletes and injuries. The information he shares here will expand anyone’s perspective and knowledge of the human body and the ways that our systems work and communicate.

Chris operates in his coaching with a broadened perspective of the human system, using methods that are mechanistically true to the body when it comes to eliminating pain. He also is an author, and you can find his books on Amazon. Check out these books by Chris Kidawski:

-The Back Pain Bible
-The Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Bible
-The Foot Pain Bible
-The Knee Pain Bible
-Not Your Average Paleo Cookbook
-Not Your Average Keto Diet
-You can also find him on Instagram, @ribylt, or check out his website: www.influentialhealthsolutions.com

Enjoy this episode, and stay tuned for more!

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