093. The Elaborate Fascial Network: Much More Than Connective Tissue

093. The Elaborate Fascial Network: Much More Than Connective Tissue

This episode is all about the fascial system. In recent years, new research has continued to investigate the fascial system, but there is still so much to learn and discover about it. The fascial system is much more complex than most people know and is highly integrated into human movement. In this episode, Andrew covers the importance of the fascial system and how it works to support our movement and elevate our performance when it’s healthy. On the other hand, what happens when our fascia is not healthy?

In this episode, Andrew dives deeply into the details about fascia and explains what it is. Most of us know that fascia is a form of connective tissue that encases everything in the body. However, fascia has so many roles that many of us are unaware of. In fact, a lot of research is still being done to uncover information that has yet to be discovered about fascia. For example, there are many unknowns about the biomechanical properties of fascia and its associated relationship with movement.

This episode touches the tip of the iceberg on what we need to know about fascia, but the tip of the iceberg includes a lot of information. This continuous sheath of connective tissue affects so many areas and functions of the body. Andrew lays it all out in this episode so that we can gain more knowledge of this system and take better care of it for better performance. Listen in, and enjoy this episode on the fascial tissues and restoring the alignment of the body!

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