091. Kanani Danielson On Dedication, Motivation, And Growing As An Athlete

091. Kanani Danielson On Dedication, Motivation, And Growing As An Athlete

This episode welcomes a UH volleyball great, Kanani Danielson! Andrew worked with Kanani at UH, where she had a successful and storied college career there. Kanani went on to become a professional volleyball player in Japan, and in this episode, she has a lot to share from her background and her journey becoming a professional athlete. This is a great episode for anyone who wants to know about the college recruiting process and what it takes to be a college student athlete. Kanani talks a lot about her experience at UH and the challenges of balancing school and athletics. Kanani shares about the opportunity to play in Japan and the cultural differences between the US versus Japan.

Kanani has not gone through her journey without challenges, including a problem she has dealt with around getting overheated. She shares a lot about the ways that she has navigated this issue, received support from her athletic trainers, and help her stay in the game and perform while dealing with this condition. Andrew understands how this affects Kanani’s performance not only from an athletic trainer’s standpoint, but also assisting first-hand as an athletic training student while she was playing at UH.

This episode contains many gems and take-aways from Kanani, as she shares from all the way back to her childhood and into her current life in which she is now a proud mom. The message she has for everyone is to believe beyond what you originally thought you could do. Tune into this episode to hear about Kanani’s inspiring journey!

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