090. Understanding Energy Balance And Energy Availability For Optimal Health And Performance

090. Understanding Energy Balance And Energy Availability For Optimal Health And Performance

This week’s episode is great for athletes or anyone looking to improve their metabolic function for increased energy or weight loss. This week, Andrew talks about energy availability and how we can work towards feeling more energized and maintaining energy balance. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your energy levels or lose weight in a healthy way, listen in on this episode.

Energy balance and energy availability are two very basic concepts, but these key concepts have often been simplified too much with all the information available to us out there. All of our systems are working together to bring our energy levels into balance, and this differs depending on what we’re doing. It also depends on many intricate factors, such as sleep and exercise, hormornal and chemical processes, immune and endocrine function, to even psychological influences. It’s a big misconception that we’re going to be burning the same amount of calories each time we do the same workout, activity, or each day.

It’s important to take into account all of the energy we need to function, not just for exercise. We need energy availability for our overall health, not just for movement and activity. If we’re short on energy availability, this can affect other areas such as cardiovascular health, bone health, and brain function, just to name a few. This is a highly important subject to tap into and keep in mind while going about your day and planning your meals for the week. Check out this episode and learn how to apply this concept of energy availability. Also, listen into episode 63, “The Truth About Calories” for more practical nutrition tips! Enjoy this episode!

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