088. Yancy Medeiros On The Evolution Of MMA, Of Training, And The Growth Of Fans

088. Yancy Medeiros On The Evolution Of MMA, Of Training, And The Growth Of Fans

This week, Yancy Medeiros comes back to the podcast! Yancy was one of the first guests on the podcast, and now’s he back for another episode on his journey as an MMA fighter. Yancy shares about his evolution as an athlete in the MMA and the knowledge and experience that he’s gained along the way. Listen in on the wisdom he shares to everyone about reaching your goals by improving through experiences. Learning is one thing, applying knowledge through experience is the key to make progress in sport and life.

With anything in life we need to learn and educate ourselves, make it a positive experience, and use that knowledge in a productive way. Find ways to keep you motivated, and continue to improve, no matter your level. Even when you get to the top, you’re still learning and growing. These are some pieces of the wisdom that Yancy shares in this episode, and he touches on achieving greatness is truly priceless. Dealing with the fans supporting him, putting him on a pedestal, critiquing him, that’s what has helped Yancy to stay true to his values and brand. Yancy talks about how to navigate these situations and being authentic, even when others see you as something bigger.

The MMA is a growing sport, and this episode contains many tidbits about the future of athleticism and the changing times that we’re in. This is a great episode for anyone, and Yancy is highly entertaining and inspiring to listen to. Enjoy this episode, and stay tuned!

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